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Matters of Policy
Information about policies that impact youth wellness

March 3, 2021

#FundPeace: Open Letter to POTUS & Congress From Black & Brown Leaders Working to End Gun Violence










Overview:  In a collaborative effort via the Maryland Violence Prevention Coalition, Black and Brown Community Activists and Frontline Workers drafted an open letter to President Joe Biden and members of congress to ask that funding be allocated to Fund Peace to end the public health crisis of gun violence.  The open letter points to the devastating reality that gun violence is the leading cause of death for Black males under the age of 45 and the second leading cause of death for Latino boys.  Black and Brown leaders are specifically asking the Biden White House to take the following actions:

1. Invest $5.3 Billion to resource community-driven solutions to address violence in cities most impacted by the public health crisis of gun violence.

2. Take executive actions to ensure current funding streams, such as the Victims of Crime Act, prioritize programs and efforts addressing community gun violence, and programs such as Medicaid financially reimburse frontline violence intervention workers as they promote healing for those who have been impacted by gun violence. 


To read the entire open letter, please click here

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Excerpt - For decades, community leaders have implemented people-focused, evidence-based strategies...When adequately funded and supported, these strategies have produced significant reductions in gun violence in our most vulnerable communities.

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Matters of Policy

January 27, 2021

House Bill 0093: Public Safety - Youth Violence Review Committee 

















Overview: The Local Youth Violence Review Committee legislation is about the establishment of a local youth review committee with a mission to prevent violence and homicides involving youth and youth victims by:

  • Promoting cooperation and coordination among agencies involved in investigating deaths related to youth violence, and those agencies that provide youth services.                                                                             

  • Developing an understanding of the causes and incidence of youth violence and youth-related homicides.                                                                                                                                                                                               

  • Developing plans for and recommending changes within the agencies of the members represented on the Youth Violence Review Committees. 

Maryland Delegate Shaneka Henson presented this bill to the Judiciary Committee and True Heart Children and Family supports this legislation.  True Heart's Founder & CEO, Craig Powell, submitted both written and oral testimony in favor of this bill. 

Review the Bill

To review the entire bill, please click here.

What's Going On?

To stay updated with what's going on with the Youth Violence Review Committees, please connect with Delegate Shaneka Henson via email at or social media - see link below.

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Shaneka Henson @ facebook
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Excerpt - For the purpose of authorizing a county to establish a certain local youth violence review committee; specifying that certain officials may organize a local committee.

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