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lift your voice

What is Lift Your Voice

Don't Die Young wants youth to lift their voices by sharing their thoughts, feelings or perspective about youth violence. 


Throughout history, transformative changes were sparked by young people who used their voices to tell the story of the marginalized. The Don't Die Young Initiative believes that every youth was born with a great purpose and systemic failures have and continue to compromise their well-being. So Don't Die Young is encouraging youth to stand up and LIFT YOUR VOICE!

Image by Clay Banks

You can upload a file or send us a URL to your YouTube video (up to 5 minutes long) Lifting Your Voice about a topic related to youth violence that may include, but not limited to:

1. Youth Violence (in general)

2. Juvenile Justice

3. Education System

4. Community-Based Support

5. Media (news, music, tv, video games, social media, etc)

We encourage you to share your heart-felt video that's up to 5 minutes long.  Once we review your video, an email will be sent to notify you if we will be posting your video to the Don't Die Young website.

Please complete the below form to submit your video.

How to Lift Your Voice

lift your voice
Upload Video
Image by Leo Wieling

Don't Die Young

Thanks You for 

Lifting Your Voice!



Sign up here to join the Don't Die Young Coalition!  As a member of the coalition, we will keep you connected with  news, webinars, programs and all things uplifting and inspirational. 

Welcome to the Coalition!

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