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Innovative Approach to Generating Awareness and Galvanizing Service Providers

Don’t Die Young is an innovative initiative designed to promote messages, images, programs and services that support youth development. This initiative will focus efforts and resources on designing and delivering marketing strategies that promote the distribution of messages/information that offer hope. The vision for Don’t Die Young is to serve as the “voice” of youth development by galvanizing organizations and agencies across the country under the Don’t Die Young brand.



Traditional and Social Marketing

Don't Die Young will implement traditional and social marketing strategies that will generate awareness about the overlooked issues related to youth violence, promoting local public and private agencies that serve youth and families, and delivering encouraging messages and images.  The Marketing Program will include strategies associated with: 


1.Community Outreach

2.Special Events 

3.Social Marketing


5.Lifestyle and Grassroots marketing


What's in a Name

The Don't Die Young name is not a passive suggestion to youth, but it is an impassioned plea for them not to accept the environmental conditions that result in youth dying emotionally, spiritually and physically. The Don't Die Young brand will advocate for young people through messaging that confronts the issues that inspire youth violence. 



The Toolkit

As a resource for organizations serving youth and their families, Don't Die Young offers a marketing toolkit with Don't Die Young branded images and content for social media and promotional opportunities. Help spread the Don't Die Young message by downloading images located in our Facebook album and attaching your organizations logo.  

Click on the images below to be connected to our Facebook Marketing Toolkit Photo Album. Sample tweets is a downloadable PDF. 

marketing toolkit

Social Media Icons.jpg


Social Media Icons.jpg
Promotional Image - Landscape (available via Facebook photos)
Don't Die Young - Promotional Graphic (S
Promotional Image - Portrait (available via Facebook photos)
Don't Die Young - Promotional Graphic (P


Sign up here to join the Don't Die Young Coalition!  As a member of the coalition, we will keep you connected with news, webinars, programs and all things uplifting and inspirational. 

Welcome to the Coalition!

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