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SHEMAR POWELL is GETTING IT DONE!  Don't Die Young is celebrating Shemar Powell who is getting it done as a future business leader currently attending Morehouse College.  

When Greatness Starts Revealing itself!

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Shemar Powell 

Baltimore - Unassuming, humble and unapologetically cool, Shemar Powell is a young man who has begun the process of discovering his greatness!  From a very early age, Shemar's family saw how great of a human-being he was and often referred to him as the nicest person they have ever known. "Marty-Mar", as he is affectionately known by family and friends, is a kind soul whose emotional intelligence as a child was inspiring!  Fast forward to middle school and Shemar was a student with average grades with exceptional potential!  His teachers would tell him "you have so much potential, you just need to apply yourself".  That all changed in the 5th grade when a teacher stopped Shemar before class and told him that he would be moving to the Gifted and Talented program in the advanced math class. Ironically, Shemar was recognized by his teacher as a result of quickly completing his classroom assignments to goof off with friends. With blasting through his school work so quickly, his teacher assumed that Shemar's school work was completed with errors. What she discovered was not only was "Marty Mar" correctly completing his work, he was doing so by finishing equations in his head.  


Shemar went on to excel in high school and completed internships at Morgan Stanley - a multinational investment bank and financial services company. He also completed an internship with the Urban Alliance - a national youth development nonprofit that provides economically-disadvantaged young people with access to the exposure, opportunity, support, and training needed to prepare them for lifelong economic self-sufficiency.  After graduating from high school in 2019, Shemar was accepted into Morehouse College where he is studying to earn his degree in Marketing with a minor in finance. He completed his freshman year with a 3.0 GPA and currently participating in a summer internship program with Bank of America. 

The Don't Die Young initiative would like to congratulate Shemar Powell for being committed to exploring his life's purpose. We wish him continued success in his purpose-driven exploration and celebrate him for Getting It Done!


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We want to invite you to nominate a young person Getting It Done in the classroom, community or in the family. We want to hear about an extraordinary youth who is exploring their life's purpose.   

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