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Youth Homicides...The Pain Must Stop!


In partnership with the Don’t Die Young Initiative, Mothers of Murdered Sons and Daughters United (MOMS) present

The MOMS Affect. The MOMS Affect is a multi-media campaign with messages of hope and inspiration designed to reach young people most at risk of being impacted by violence. MOMS is a non-profit organization of mothers who are surviving the murder of their sons and daughters by coming together on a mission to address the escalation and causes of homicides.

With the loss of over 300 young lives in Baltimore each year due to homicides, families and communities are left to struggle with unimaginable trauma that seems to never end.  Mother’s all over the Baltimore metro area are grieving the loss of their children and unfortunately more mothers will continue to be added to this growing list without a paradigm shift in how we address the causes of street violence.  In an effort to serve as agents of change, MOMS is harnessing their collective voices, compassion and motherly love to affect change. The The MOMS Affect campaign will feature messages from MOMS targeted to boys and young men of color via various media outlets.  The communication goal for The MOMS Affect is to encourage and inspire our young people – with a particular focus on boys and young men of color.  Instead of villainizing a generation of youth who are suffering through hopelessness, anxiety and frustration; the campaign will speak to youth with empathy, forgiveness and love. With an understanding that society must face generational failures of leadership and public policies, MOMS is committed to speaking truth while at the same time encouraging young people to seek peace and their GOD ordained life’s purpose.

The MOMS Affect campaign will launch with 7-days of faith featuring messages posted on social media from December 26, 2020 - January 1, 2021. The idea is to transition into 2021 with messages that represent our faith that change is possible. Messages will be posted each day on the Don’t Die Young social media channels (Facebook & Twitter) and the personal Facebook accounts of the MOMS.  Links to each of the Don’t Die Young social media channels can be found using the social media bar on the right side of the Don't Die Young website.  As a follow-up to the 7-days of faith, The MOM Affect campaign will begin producing short video vignettes that will be released in February 2021.


To follow the campaign, MOMS invites young people and the community to visit


Current/Upcoming MOM Projects

June 9, 2021

The cost of violence on dreams, families and communities can not be calculated in terms of financial costs or the emotional pain experienced. In this presentation for youth, Mrs. Daphne Alston of the MOMS organization offers honest and important perspective about the cost of violence. 

The Cost of Violence

Mrs. Daphne's Story

March 30, 2021

Mrs. Daphne is the co-founder of Mothers of Murdered Sons and Daughters United, a Baltimore based support and advocacy group comprised of mother's who have lost their son or daughter to homicide.  In this video, Mrs. Daphne shares her story of when her son Tariq was murdered back in 2008 and the sequence of events that led to her commitment to serve other mothers who have lost their child to homicide and to make a difference in the lives of youth in honor of Tariq. 


Mrs. Daphne's Story is the first of a series of multi-media messages as part of The MOMS Affect campaign.  

Past MOMS Projects

7-Days of Faith

The following represents themes for messages of faith that will be shared via social media starting on Saturday, December 26th.  Each theme is intended to serve as a guide in best ensuring that anyone who shares The MOM Affect messages is consistent. Depending on the social media channel where the message is shared, supporters are encouraged to use the theme as a guide and elaborate with their personal message of faith in our young people - their ability to be the answer in stopping the violence.


Message Dates & Themes

Saturday, December 26th

Theme: Sincerest Apologies


Sunday, December 27th

Theme: It's Note True


Monday, December 28th

Theme: Keep Your Head Up


Tuesday, December 29th

Theme: Righteous Soldiers


Wednesday, December 30th

Theme: GOD's Practicality


Thursday, December 31st

Theme: The Truth About Destiny


Friday, January 1st

Theme: Let's Get it Started


Social Media Channels 


1. Ms. Daphne Alston (Founder – MOMS Organization)


2. Don’t Die Young 

    Click the social media bar to the right



Click the social media bar to the right

How You Can Help

1. Re-post/Share our messages on your personal social media accounts

2. Use the theme for each of the 7-Days of Faith to write your own encouraging message to youth

3. Join our email list to stay connected to this campaign and other news from Don't Die Young

4. Learn more about Mothers of Murdered Sons and Daughters by contacting Ms. Daphne Alston via email at

December 26, 2020

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