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ProtectYourDreams offers practical encouragement and food for thought to support youth in protecting their dreams while pursuing their life's purpose. 

Don't Make a Permanent Decision

in a Temporary Situation!

Life is all about decisions and many times we can make decisions that could impact the rest of our lives.  Don't Die Young encourages young people to consider every decision they make, especially an emotional decision. For any decision that you have to make that could negatively impact your life, ask yourself the following questions:


1. Is this a decision that will enhance my life and help me to discover my life's purpose? If the answer is no, be fair to yourself and consider another decision that will add value to your life.


2. Would this decision potentially result in a negative outcome? Is this decision associated with a temporary situation that could impact the rest of my life? If the answer to either or both of these question is yes, we encourage you to invest in yourself by making a different decision that protects your dreams. 


Sometimes the hardest decisions we make will require us to go beyond our comfort zone. Being in control of our lives means we never yield power to anyone or any situation that intends to break us down. And if you are ever in a situation where you believe you only have one decision to make that could result in a negative outcome, just know that the creator always has a righteous way out for you in any difficult situation. Find an adult or community resource that can be trusted to help you explore alternative decisions that can keep you on the right path towards your destiny. 



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