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How We Help Professionals

3 ways we help professionals who serve youth

Achieving  greater outcomes for youth requires greater support for the individuals and organizations in the community doing the work in providing youth services. As a brand committed to addressing the environmental conditions that encourages youth violence, Don't Die Young serves as a resource for those in the community providing direct services. 

Here's How We Help Professionals:     ​


Youth and Family Resource Directory - COMING SPRING 2023.  The Youth and Family Resource Directory is a resource that will be available to youth and their families with a list of public and private community based services intended to support youth wellness.  Organizations interested in advertising will be able to promote their services for Free. Click HERE to advertise.                              

Training Videos.  Check out webinars, documentaries and presentations on topics that advance the work of community based organizations. 

Next Steps:

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To view training videos, please click HERE.

Initiative-Wide Marketing. Don't Die Young will work in collaboration with our community partners to identify stories, outcomes and encouragement about youth that can be promoted with other organizations, youth and the general community.      



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