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Every young person was born with a special purpose in life!
Image by Sushil Nash

Don't Die Young views purpose for youth as the opportunity that the creator has assigned to each young person to make a positive impact on their family, their community or the world. 


It's exciting to know that the creator is personally concerned about each one of us and has a special mission he trusts us to accomplish.  It's important to establish a solid foundation in understanding that every young person was created on purpose...for a purpose!  You have to believe that you are uniquely qualified for greatness that can only be defined by your life's purpose. It's impossible to achieve greatness if you are measuring success by what other people are doing or have accomplished. That's what is so amazing about the creator of this world, he is creative enough to give every young person their individual assignment in life that can be realized through faith and a curiosity that encourages a journey to explore their life's purpose. 



Take your life's purpose seriously in terms of accepting that you matter! Stand up for yourself and never accept that you aren't worthy of a great education, opportunities to be exposed to experiences that broaden your view of the world and to be treated with respect and optimism.


Don't Die Young wants to encourage you to Protect Your Dreams by seeking advice from adults that you trust and who have your well-being in mind. But remember, this journey is not about perfection so understand that adults who care about you don't always have to be perfect, they just need to be perfectly invested in you!    

Image by Paul Gilmore

Life is a gift full of opportunities and challenges, good days and bad days, sunny days and rainy days. So be encouraged, optimistic and curious about your life's purpose and remember...It's Your Journey!


Created for Purpose

When you are exploring your life's purpose, you can trust that the creator allows challenging times to build you up and not break you down. You should also know that exploring your life's purpose is not about being perfect at any point along your journey.  As you are exploring your purpose in life, it's incredibly important to enjoy the journey and the experience of learning new things, meeting new people and finding out that you are more than capable of achieving more than you expected the day before. As a young person, it will be years before you come to fully understand your life's purpose, so don't be overly anxious to get to the end result.


Moving with Purpose

As a young person, encourage yourself to focus more on getting on the right path so that as you progress through life you increase your options. You want to put yourself on a path that gives you flexibility to move the way you need to move in life to achieve what you want to achieve. For example, let's use hiking as a metaphor to better illustrate your life's journey towards purpose.  If you are hiking through the woods with the mountain top as your destination, you want to enjoy the experience and the sites along the trail. It's definitely exciting to think about reaching the mountain top, but the most important part of your journey is to focus on moving in a positive direction with good energy.  Even if you start on the ideal path to reach your destination, sometimes you may stray off course but the GPS attached your life's purpose will re-calculate and offer you a new opportunity.  Often times in life, we have to allow positive energy to re-calculate our path to get us back on track.   And as you are exploring your life's purpose, be bold in dreaming or envisioning what your life can be for you, your family, your community and the world!



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