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creative healing

Justin Chase

Art & Testimony by:

As a child, Justin Chase discovered an interest in art which ultimately became a passion for him. As he got older and transitioned into his latter teen years, Justin lost connection with his art and found himself engaged in drugs, alcohol and crime.  It was during this time in Justin's life that he rediscovered his art as a source of healing.   From that moment on, Justin went on a journey that can be traced through his thought-provoking artwork. 

In this 2-part discussion, Justin Chase shares his testimony of being challenged with social and systemic barriers that many young black men are faced with. But this is a story of transformation and victory in connecting with the creator by utilizing a gift, talent and interest as a way to heal and find a greater purpose! Art was Justin's way of healing and he is now sharing his creative talent with the world. 



Justin Chase serves as curator in this video with an in-depth presentation on the inspiration behind his thought provoking artwork. 


Creative Healing

Creative Healing

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