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The vision for Don't Die Young is to serve as a support to the many organizations and individuals who are committed to serving and encouraging youth at-risk of being impacted by violence. 

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iPledge from M.O.M.S.

iPledge is a pledge authored by Mothers of Murdered Sons (MOMS) as part of The MOMS Affect campaign.  MOMS is asking youth to take the pledge for life by choosing an affirmation to live by each day. 


Affirmations alone will not offer youth transformative changes in their lives. However, MOMS is encouraging youth to find a trusted adult and/or community program to receive support in understanding how to put their pledge to work. 

About Don't Die Young

What's It All About?

Don't Die Young is a marketing based youth development initiative created to serve as a brand and resource to engage community based organizations, youth and the general community with information, inspiration and encouragement.  

For more information about Don't Die Young, please CLICK HERE

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How We Support Professionals

Connections for Greater Outcomes 

Don't Die Young supports professionals serving youth and their families by promoting their services and mobilizing a coalition of service-providers under the Don't Die Young brand. 

For more information on how we support professionals, please CLICK HERE

Similing Team

Training Videos (webinars, documentaries and presentations)

Promoting Best Practices and Deeper Insight

Check out training videos that we believe will provide greater insight into the challenges impacting youth while discovering strategies designed to achieve greater outcomes. 

To check out the training videos that support youth development, CLICK HERE


Marketing Toolkit

Partnering to Market the Don't Die Young Brand 

As a marketing based youth development initiative, Don't Die Young is a brand that serves as a hub of information, inspiration and engagement to address youth violence by supporting youth development.

For marketing resources to promote your organizations Don't Die Young message, check out our Marketing Toolkit by CLICKING HERE

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Reframing ToolKit

What we Say Truly Matters

Re-framing how individuals and organizations who serve youth communicate about young people will be important in advancing efforts to advocate for their overall well-being.  


For resources to help inform your organizations messaging around youth violence or youth development, check out our Reframing Toolkit by 



Who they believe they are and who we say they are MATTERS!



Sign up here to join the Don't Die Young Coalition!  As a member of the coalition, we will keep you connected with news, webinars, programs and all things uplifting and inspirational. 

Welcome to the Coalition!

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