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Collaborative of surviving parents and community advocates

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Advocacy & Healing

The Advocacy & Healing division advocates for youth while also supporting the healing process of families working through the trauma of losing a young person they love. Advocacy efforts focus on advocating for policies, programs, services and attitudes that support the development of youth. Healing efforts focus on engaging families to offer healing support.   


The work of our healing and advocacy division is inspired and influenced by the collaborative voices of dedicated surviving parents and community advocates.   

Upcoming Events

Check out upcoming events being hosted, sponsored or celebrated by Don't Die Young. These events include, but not limited to, in-person events and virtual grief support sessions. 

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The Advocacy & Healing Team

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Daphne Alston

Surviving Parent

Daphne is a surviving parent who has taken her pain of losing a son to homicide into her purpose of serving youth and their families. 


Cynthia Bruce

Surviving Parent

I am a Survivor of a murdered son and would like to be available to assist anyone who is experiencing this traumatic experience.


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